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Product Group: 1055, Posts
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Badminton Stands - Weighted Base

Portable badminton posts with galvanised steel upright. Each post has heavy weighted base for added stability. Bases should be covered with padding during play.

262.35 PR      


Weighted Badminton Posts - With Wheels

Similar to 109947 but supplied in kit form for easy assembly and storage. Supplied with two castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

313.50 PR      


Wilson Mini Badminton Post & Net System

Folding badminton post and net system. Includes bag for easy transportation. All parts of frame are linked by shock cord. Net width 3100mm with height 1550mm.

161.80 EA      


NYDA Ezy Fold Badminton Net System

This versatile portable badminton net system measures 5.1m wide and 155cm high is suitable for use indoors and out. Measures the same dimensions as an official singles court net. Features include shock corded joins for quick and simple erection, compact storage in shoulder carry bag and velcro tabs which allow you to join more than one net together in order to extend the playable court area. Five nets should fit along one standard sized school gym court area. Great for use with badminton racquets, foam hand shuttles and Ezyhit bats. Suitable for both primary and secondary school use.

198.00 EA      


Badminton/Mini Volleyball Post & Plate

Tube upright 32x32mm sq. is fixed to T-shaped base 50x6mmFMS with 12mmD braces. The height adjustable extension 38x38mm sq. tube is fixed by T-screw. Grooved top cap and hook for net cord. Rivet head below base locates into a keyhole floor plate A6-15 supplied. Rubber feet X6-13 protect the floor. Height adjustment: badminton 1530mm, mini volleyball 2200mm maximum.

433.40 PR      


Bad/MiniV/Ball Post-Centre & Floor Plate

Used where there is less than 800mm between courts. Similar to A16-117 but with cross base and centre rivet head. Nets can be fitted to each side of the post.

345.40 EA      


Badminton Post - Free Standing

For international competition. Net cord passes over grooved top cap on post and is fitted into a jamming cleat to give exact adjustment. Post 38x38mm tube is fixed to a 30kg base. Rubber feet X6-13 protect the floor. Wheels, 50mmD are fixed to base for ease of handling. Net height: 1530mm above floor.

837.10 PR      


Badminton / Mini Volleyball Post For

Alternative to A16-117. Same upright but welded to pipe base to fit sockets A6-9, 11, 13 and 50.

349.80 PR      


Badminton / Mini Volleyball Centre Post
For Socket

Similar to A16-27. Used as a centre post between to courts. Nets can be fitted to each side of the post.

258.50 EA      


Badminton Post Safety Padding

Similar to A16-67 but 1500mm high to suit the badminton posts.

199.10 EA      


Adjustable Badminton Posts T-Base

An adjustable upright made from 40mmx2mm SHS slides over a 35mmx2mm SHS internal upright. A locking knob holds the adjustable slide at the nominated playing height. T-base is made from 50mmx6mm FMS and is gusseted to the main upright by 12mm RMS. A locking device under the T-base locks into a keyhole floorplate. Urethane pads on the T-base protect floors. Sold as a pair.

473.00 PR      


International Badminton Posts (weighted)

Supplied in kit form to minimise freight charges. Aluminium free standing international badminton posts with weighted base. Upright is fixed to the base by a diagonal brace, base does not protude onto playing area. Post height is set at 1550mm. Net is tensioned with hook and strap system. Post are fitted with rubber pads to prevent floors being marked. Large wheels are integrated with base for easy manoeuring making this system totally portable. No need for plates to be set into floors.

926.20 PR      


Badminton Posts Adjustable

Same as BNT102T but fits floor sockets IS100, IS110, or IS120.

402.60 PR      


Badminton Centre Post (sleeved)

Sleeved Centre post to fit IS100, IS110, or IS120 Floor Sleeves. Post has double fixed hooks with adjustable post heights.

215.60 EA      


Badminton Centre T Post

Similar to BNT102T but this post has hooks on both sides to support nets for two courts.

392.70 EA      

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