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Product Group: 7688, General Storage
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Sash Holder

Plastic coated wire sash holder with spring tension closure. Suitable for storing nylon sashes and webbing sashes easily.

5.95 EA      


Essentials Games Post Trolley

Easy to use games post storage trolley. Suits Volleyball, Multisport and Netball posts and includes a tray at bottom of trolley for pads as well as a basket at top for for other items. Powder coated steel construction with non-marking wheels suited for timber and synthetic floors.

935.00 EA      
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NYDA Skipping Rope Storage Unit

Wall mountable rack. Unit features 4 spikes from which to hang ropes from. Will hold 200 + ropes.

27.50 EA      


Fitness Ball Ring Wall Mounted

Zinc plated ring intended to be fixed to a wall. Will hold a fitness ball off the ground securely.

64.35 EA      


Net Hanger

Plastic net holder with hanger for easy storage of games nets including badminton, tennis and volleyball.

4.90 EA      


Storage Bracket - Horizontal

Used when storeroom ceiling height is too low to store posts vertically. Consists of a pair of brackets to store posts or other equipment horizontally.

153.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - Vertical, 2 Posts

Similar to A16-140.

241.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - Vertical, 3 Posts

Similar to A16-138.

283.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - Vertical, 4 Posts

Designed for netball, volleyball or tennis posts, as well as uneven bars and rails. Wall bracket with a hook and chain for each post, holds the post vertically against the wall. Floor bracket retains the bottom of the post and prevents floor damage. 985mm Width.

326.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - For 36 Racquets

Similar to A16-143 but with 6 pairs of pegs spaced to suit approximately 26 tennis or badminton racquets.

326.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - 2 Posts (Badminton)

Similar to A16-143. 180mm long

156.00 EA      


Storage Bracket - 4 Posts (Badminton)

Consists of 50x6mm FMS fixed to the wall with 12mm rod pegs spaced to suit badminton posts. 750mm long

196.00 EA      


Storage Trolley For Games Posts

Useful for transporting games posts. Timber base provides additional storage area for nets etc. Castor wheels 95mmD. Maximum load: 250kg. Size: 1600mm long x 600mm wide x 980mm high.

772.00 EA      


Games Post & Storage Trolley

Ideal for transporting games posts and other ancillary equipment in gymnasiums and across other level areas. Two-tiered model made from heavy-duty materials to take a load of up to 250kg. Fitted with four universal lockable wheels. Dimensions: 1000mm high, 1902mm long and 690mm wide. Plywood floor in base for carrying balls and bins.

804.10 EA      


Vertical Storage Rack for Two Posts

One wall bracket complete with clamping assembly for two posts and floor protection bracket to hold posts in the vertical position. 460mm wide

213.00 EA      
Photo Coming Soon!


Vertical Storage Rack for Four Posts

As SRV100 but for four posts. 965mm wide

283.80 EA      


Horizontal Storage Rack

Two wall-mounted brackets for storing games posts horizontally.

136.00 EA      


Vertical Storage Rack - 2 T-Base Posts

Wall bracket with sets of pins to suit storing T-base posts. Holds two posts.

170.50 EA      
Photo Coming Soon!


Vertical Storage Rack - 4 T-Base Posts

Wall bracket with sets of pins to suit storing T-base posts. Holds four posts.

222.20 EA      

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